Employee Wellness Programs      


  • Care at Work- Chiropractic exams & adjustments, massage/myofascial release, stretching, and Kinesio Tape     are provided at the work place. All care is given in a professional setting somewhere on-site with the employee's comfort in mind, just as in an office setting.

(Either employee or company financially responsible)

  • Healthy Lifestyles- focuses on healthy eating habits, weight management, and proper exercise.
  • Ergonomic Review of Work Area- Includes a review of the work area and ideas to help improve employees stress on body.
  • Educational Workshops- A variety of topics are discussed and taught. Some popular topics are human anatomy, pathology and common diseases, diet and nutrition, and
    at-home management /self-care.

(Company usually financially responsible)

St. Louis Healthcare Solutions offers many customizable options when it comes to healthcare in the workplace. Whether the setting is a small family business or a large corporation, our Employee Wellness Programs have answers to your company's healthcare needs.

One of the best parts about choosing St. Louis Healthcare Solutions for your company is that you choose the program and the options that best work for your business. Service options are customizable and vary per organization. Options range from the employee being financially responsible for their care to the company being financially responsible for the services. Whatever you choose know one thing, your employees will be receiving healthcare that not only improves their well-being but also the well-being of your business.  As major studies and reports have shown, a happy and healthy employee is a productive employee. By starting Employee Wellness Programs, companies are able to improve the overall productivity and are able to save money on healthcare expenses.



Healthcare Consulting

Many times a company has the want to consult with a healthcare provider on matters such as the benefits of having a healthcare program at work, help with creating a new or managing a current Employee Wellness Program, or what can be done to not only help the health of employees but also help the health of the company.
This is still a new concept to a lot of companies, and there are plenty of questions...but involving a physician is quickly becoming the standard. Knowing this, St. Louis Healthcare Solutions offers consulting on many of these hot topics, and will find solutions for your company that will benefit both the company and employee.

Treatment and payment can be taken care of on-site! This is a no hassle way to give your employees an opportunity to receive conservative healthcare for their aches and pains in a convenient manner.

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St. Louis Healthcare Solutions would be grateful to serve you and your employees.

It is often helpful for a company to regularly consult with a physician so that they are up to date with procedures and services that will assist their employees in maintaining wellness, as well as to inquire about ways to utilize healthcare to increase productivity.

*St. Louis Healthcare Solutions also offers Personalized Healthcare Coaching and Consulting for employees, which allows for employees to have access to a physician at the workplace. This allows an opportunity for your employees to inquire about their healthcare concerns as well as to receive education on those concerns.

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