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Not only has Dr. Matt kept my neck and back adjusted for the past five years, he has also treated me for an acute and painful case of TMJ/TMD. I never though chiropractic care could heal TMJ. My dentist told me I would have to wear a mouthpiece at night for months to fix the problem. Dr. Matt was able to stretch the involved muscles during visits and taught me stretching exercises I could do at home. The severe pain was gone almost immediately and the remaining pain diminished over several weeks. Dr. Matt doesn't create a dependence but empowers me through information and exercises to take care of my body. And, when I don't, I know Dr. Matt is always there to help.

                                                               - Linda C

I decided that I wanted to train for the St. Louis Half-Marathon.  After increasing my mileage in the second month, I was having what I thought was knee pain.  A co-worker gave me Dr. Matt’s name, and told me that she had been seeing him for IT band issues – which is what she thought I might be experiencing.  Sure enough, that was what Dr. Matt confirmed was going on.  After just one or two sessions with active release and kinesio tape, I was experiencing much less pain.  I continued to see him through my training, and successfully completed my first half-marathon with no IT band issues.  I have relied on the adjustments, active release and kinesio taping for the two additional half-marathons - which brought on some extreme shin splints.  I plan on continuing my running, and have confidence that any pains that come back in my next training schedule will be easily worked out, and possibly avoided by preventive care.

                                                           - Amanda S

I began my Chiropractic experience with Dr. Matt in early 2007 as a means to resolve some hip, lower back, and foot issues. My range of motion, flexibility, and posture were all compromised due to a lack of stretching within my training regime and a complete disregard for proper recovery and rest.  In order to keep me competitive,  Dr.  Matt immediately began to resolve my plantar fasciitis issues so that I could continue to train and race. Once fully resolved he moved on to address  some minor lower back and associated hip pains that were intermittent but having an effect on my range of motion and power output. Frequent adjustments coupled with Dr. Matt’s stretch/strengthening recommendations have proven successful as evidence by an improvement in mile (4:53) as well as 5K (18:25) personal bests during the '08/09 racing season.

                                                             - Don K

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Dr. Matt takes great pride in the care he gives to all of his patients.  Read what some patients have said about Dr. Matt and St. Louis Healthcare Solutions.

I met Dr. Frenzel when I was training to run the Nike Women’s Marathon.  As my mileage increased, I developed shin splints.  The pain was terrible and began to effect my running stride and also walking, ascending and descending stairs, and driving.  Dr. Frenzel used active release, stretches, kinesio taping, adjustments, and thoroughly assessed my shoes and stride when treating the shin splints.  Not only was I able to finish the full marathon — I did so without pain and under my goal time!

I have had chronic issues with my piriformis muscles, which contributed to the shin splints during my marathon training, and currently contribute to knee pain.  Dr. Frenzel accurately diagnosed the issue, and treats it with adjustments, active release, prescribed stretches and ice, and making me aware of positions that irritate the muscles.  He is very thorough in assessment and treatment, while being kind, considerate, and compassionate.Throughout all the treatment with Dr. Frenzel, I have been able to continue running — in better form and performance than before.  I highly recommend his services!

                                                         - Jennifer J

I've been active all my life. I love working out in the gym, and love hiking and outdoor activities even more. I even tried martial arts (Brazilian jiu-jitsu) for a little while, and that is a LOT of fun, but pretty tough on your joints.
When I reached my late 30s, all of that activity finally took its toll on my body. I couldn't run or backpack because any attempt to do so sent shooting pain through my knees and hips. Putting on a jacket became difficult because my left shoulder was extremely tender -- bench press, push ups, or any upper body workout was next to impossible. I felt like I was falling apart. A few years went by and I continued to deteriorate rather than heal, which is incredibly discouraging. My husband's grandparents were in better shape than me.
One of the trainers at the gym saw me struggling, and suggested that I go to the same chiropractic clinic that they frequent. I went, and was treated by Dr. Frenzel ("Dr. Matt"). In a matter of about 4 months I was definitely on the road to recovery. I was lifting weights again and running again. By the next summer I went on a backpacking trip in Tetons NP, Wyoming, and hiked to the top of the middle Teton.

 When I realized that I had needlessly put up with joint pain for years, I felt pretty silly! The thing that I truly appreciate about Dr. Matt is that he gives me advice, stretches, and exercises that help prevent a recurrence of my problems. However, I continue to see Dr. Matt about once a month to make sure that I stay pain-free and active. Now that I'm having fun again, I do not want to backslide.

                                                                                                                                                                                          - Francine V

After a neck injury, I was experiencing frequent migraines. This was my first experience with a Chiropractor and it worked miracles for me! With Dr. Frenzel's treatment, I graduated from multiple visits per week to monthly maintenance visits... or even less! Dr. Frenzel's friendly demeanor allows for a relaxing Chiropractic experience with excellent results!
                                                                 - Gina M